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Use XLSX files and Google Sheets as dynamic data sources.
Explicitly control read/write data ranges. Spreadsheets auto-calculate behind the scenes, providing real-time formula and data results.
Administer Google Sheets connections and XLSX files (CRUD) via our Designer and/or API.
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Use SQL Server, PostgreSQL and MySQL as data sources.
Feed in parameter values and get values back as JSON.
Alternatively map your database query results data to spreadsheet range(s), creating dynamic data models that pull from disparate sources.
Consistent input/output regardless of database type.
Administer database connections (CRUD) via our Designer and/or API.
How We Use Databases


Use REST Services to Create Survey Definitions and Collect Results.
Collect customer insight and feedback.
Manage your survey definition completely via spreadsheets.
Capture Respondent data in your spreadsheets. We don't hold your data hostage, it's all yours.
We offer a pre-built web application (CreateReactApp-based) that's yours to fully customize, for survey taking and respondent data analysis. Or, create your own as you see fit.
Surveys Overview


Throughout our REST API & Designer, we've included developer-friendly features such as copy & paste templates and a Sandbox UI where you can rapidly test services without writing code.
Intuitive and Well-Documented
Use our Visual Designer to manage spreadsheet & database connections and create REST Services. Additionally, you can use our API to perform all of the tasks found in the Designer.
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